Sales and Warehouse 2.77.2013 for Windows 10


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Sales and Warehouse is an application for Windows, designed for commercial firms engaged in the warehouse. This allows rapid and convenient issuance of commercial papers and correcting the conditions controlling the quantity of goods. Intuitive user interface makes working with the program is simple, fast and przyjemna.Ponadto program enables customers to store contact details, pricing of goods and services and guarding warehouse and quantitative status. The option of tabular and graphic will be able to quickly analyze your sales in any period. Application Sales and Warehouse allows the user to: · Easy and quick issuance of sales documents such as invoice, invoice correction, invoice proforma invoice to GM. · Easy and quick entry of purchase documents, such as the bill, invoice, invoice correction , invoice and note the PZ correction. · Easy and fast implementation of warehouse documents such as outdoor edition (GM), the adoption of the outside (PZ). · Working with barcode readers. · Working with fiscal printers zgodnymymi POSNET protocol. · Keeping records of all issued documents. · Recording partial payments for documents with deferred payment (settlement). · Generate Tax records of purchase and sale for the settlement of monthly or quarterly on the basis of documents issued. · Create unlimited quantity database counterparties hierarchical division into groups customers. · Create unlimited quantitative database of goods and services in a hierarchical division into categories of goods and services. · Control of storage and quantitative status based on entering the program documents and inventory. · Ability to assign each product or service, and any of the four prices in identifying the individual price (ie the price for allegro, retail price, wholesale price, any other ...) · Ability to transmit features products or services which are the features added to the position of the document and reflected on it (such as color, weight or any other feature ...) · Ability to print a list of goods and services. · Any definition dictionary data (units of measurement, forms of payment, VAT rates, groups of clients, categories, products and services, currency). · Ability to insert your company logo to be printed, full contact details (telephone, fax, e-mail, web) and the ability to modify the parameters of the print (printed columns, column width in print, font color, font style, font size, etc.). · Export the generated documents and print PDF files. · Generate graphical and tabular summaries and statistics of sales based on multiple criteria. · Adapting to the user's individual preferences (the width of the columns in the tables, the type of data displayed, styles, prints, etc., etc.). · Ability to influence the appearance of the program by replacing "skins" . · Ability to import and export and archive database. · Ability to work and share data (documents and contractors) with the application package Businesses - Tax book to keep records of income and expenses. · Ability to cooperate and share data (documents and contractors) with the application package Businesses - Lump sum to keep records of sales. · Lifetime license and Automatic and free updates to new versions for a period of one year from purchase. · Free technical support and service by phone or e-mail for a period of one year from purchase.